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The chic glow

Where you can relax and enjoy life

At The Chic Glow, offer our clients the best experience by setting realistic expectations and appropriate recommendations prior to each client’s treatment. Our team will help provide safe and professional services during treatment and will also be there to help with aftercare. Our aim is to guide you through a lifelong journey towards healthy and glowing skin which can increase happiness and confidence in you.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing the best services for individual skin care needs. We customize products and tailor services according to clients’ skin care concerns and budget.

Ever since I discovered TheChicGlow, my skin has never looked better. Their laser treatments and facials are absolute game-changers!

Our Values

We are driven to provide glowing and healthy skin to help make a positive impact and boost confidence for each client.

The Chic Glow Spa is concerned and always taking serious steps to educate each individual on personalized skin care concerns through advanced techniques and procedures to get the best results possible.


Revitalize your senses, embrace serenity.


Unleash your glow, redefine elegance.


Purify and refresh, from the inside out.

Meet Jais Sandhu: Your Beauty Maestro

Meet the Mastermind Behind the Magic: Your Specialist in Serenity & Shine


Jais Sandhu

Founder & CEO

Jais Sandhu isn’t just the owner; she’s a certified clinical esthetician with a decade of expertise. Known for her meticulous attention to your skin’s needs, Jais ensures excellence in every treatment. As a dedicated mother and a recognized academic in clinical aesthetics, she blends passion with knowledge, making The Chic Glow your go-to haven for skincare enthusiasts.

Welcome to The Chic Glow

At The Chic Glow, we’ve crafted a unique sanctuary where every visit is a personalized journey to your best self. Nestled in the serene McKenzie Lake, Calgary, our doors open in Spring 2024, offering you a chic, cozy retreat from the everyday hustle.

Artistry Meets Science

Jais believes in the harmony of beauty and science. Her keen eye for detail, profound industry knowledge, and relentless pursuit of the latest innovations set her apart.

At The Chic Glow, we don’t just follow trends; we pioneer personalized skincare solutions. Our method? A perfect blend of cutting-edge products, therapies, and techniques tailored just for you.

Our Philosophy: Personalized Care in a Relaxing Haven

Your experience at The Chic Glow transcends the ordinary. It’s where the art of beauty meets the comfort of home. We believe in hands-on involvement, ensuring you feel cared for, comfortable, and, most importantly, radiant. Step into our world, and let your journey to a lasting glow begin.